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When you are in a Wildlife Management Area the State of Texas requires you to have a permit.

Depending on your activity, this can be an Annual Hunting Permit ($48 as of July, 2010) or a Limited Public Use Permit ($12 as of July, 2010).

For more information:


When you are in a Wildlife Management Area in Louisiana yuou are required to have a permit.

Many (such as Sabine WMA) have facilities for a Self-Clearing Permit:

  • Check in at Information Station
  • fill out the CHECK-IN form and
  • put it in the permit box BEFORE doing anything in the area.
  • Carry the CHECK-OUT portion with you and
  • put in a permit box when exiting the area.
  • These are good for 72 hours.

Persons using a WMA for ANY PURPOSE other than hunting hust have one of:

  1. a valid Louisiana WILD stamp
  2. a valid LA Fishing license
  3. a valid LA Hunting license.

For more information: