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Cow Bayou ATV trail is situated on 228 acres of mixed pine and hardwood timber with 1.5 miles of shoreline.

This is a purely wilderness area. There a a couple of spots where a small boat could be launched. Primarily this is a park that has become popular with ATV enthusiasts and has been developed to some degree for them. Approximately 8 miles of marked trails form a figure eight shape, so when you complete the trail you will finish where you started, thus, making it convenient for you to be back at your vehicle. There is a billboard located at the entrance to these trails that post a map showing the actual trail layout. This park is free to the public.

This park is not easy to find… there are a number of unmarked roads in the area, and within the park, that make getting somewhat lost very easy.

The only “creature comfort” you’ll find here is the “chair”, in the picture below, carved into a tree stump! (…but, “the chair” was a number of years ago and is only a memory now)
This park has also been used for a number of ATV rallies and events. To see one of the Mud & Trail Ride Events that has been held at Cow Bayou Park – CLICK HERE


From the junction of US Highway 84 and Louisiana Highway 191 (Logansport, La): Go South on La 191 for 14.4 miles to the junction of La 191 and La 481 / Coker Worsham Road.

From the junction of Louisiana Highway 191 and Louisiana Highway 174 / Rec Site 4 Road (Converse Bay Park): Go North on La 191 for 5.7 miles to the junction of La 191 and La 481 / Coker Worsham Road.

At Coker Worsham Road/La 481: Turn West onto Coker Worsham Road. Go 2.1 miles on Coker Worsham Road and turn right onto Locus Road (dirt roads from here on back). Go 1.1 miles on Locus Road and turn left (no other option, really). Go about 1.5 miles and you are there; you’ll know because there are a couple of clearings.

This park is owned and operated by Sabine River Authority, State of Lousiaiana. For more complete information about SRA-Louisiana facilities call (318) 256-4112 or (800) 259-LAKE

Photos by Frank Dutton – Toledo-Bend.Com