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First Weekend in May

(NOTE: Pow-wow may start in April if part of 1st weekend of May begins in April)

The Choctaw-Apache Powwow is held annually at the Zwolle Intermediate School Gym on West Knoble St. in Zwolle Zwolle, Louisiana.

Powwow events are held Saturday and Sunday and include special events – the 2008 Powwow will include gourd dancing on both Saturday and Sunday. At the powwow there are diverse vendors offering food as well as numerous examples of artwork, jewelry, etc. Ceremonies typically start late afternoon with the Gourd Dancing and proceed into the late evening with the Grand Entry and a number of dances and competitions.

Security is provided by the Zwolle Police Department, Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Department and Tribal Security. No alcohol or drugs allowed.

For additional Information: (318) 645-2588 between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

For 2008:
Head Man: Quanah White Thunder- Livingston, TX
Head Lady: Crystal Battise- Cleveland, TX
Head Gourd Dancer: Jess Oosahwe- Hulbert, OK
Host Drum: Bear Claw- Mesquite, TX
Emcee: Herbert Johnson, Jr. – Livingston, TX
Arena Director: Thomas Muskrat- Stilwell, OK

Photos below are from the 2004 Powwow

~ Click any image for an enlargement ~

Numerous vendors offer a wide array of jewelry, artwork, beadwork, leather items, pottery, and much more.
The ornate and colorful regalia is proudly worn and an announcer explains the meanings and purposes of the various dances.
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