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For a number of years the dream of the faithful few of McMahan’s Chapel was to have a museum for the collection and preservation of McMahan Chapel and early Texas Methodist memorabilia. In October, 2002, that dream came to fruition when the first event was held in the Maund Museum & Events Center during the Annual McMahan Chapel Celebration. The Center, located next to the Chapel, if fully equipped with kitchen, restroom facilities, bridal dressing room, tables and chairs. Beautifully decorated, the Center is available for gatherings of families, confirmation and sunday School classes, wedding receptions and retreats.

Maund Museum & Events Center next to McMahan’s Chapel

Bust of J. Aldous Smith
Portraits of Jack & Charlsie MaundBust of Alice Adella Cobb Noble
Thje museum occupies two rooms and is divided into time periods. One room covers, by a timeline of events, the period from 1833 to 1902. The second room covers the period from 1903 to the present time.
Among the items on display are an old borad axe – such as was used “back in the day” to hew logs.

Also, an 1818 Bible used in the Chapel is on display.

Have a picnic across the road at Littleton Fowler Park