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The Robert Gentry Museum
/now/ Many Pawn & Jewelry
San Antonio Avenue
Many, La. 71449

The Robert Gentry Museum in Many is an eclectic admixture of curiosities from a “collector”, as Mr. Gentry describes himself. Items range from the interesting to the absurd, from prehistoric Indian artifacts to Marilyn Monroe, from personal memorabilia of country and western singers to civil war mementos. There is no shortage of oddball items that will either “wow” you, or make you smile (and sometimes laugh out loud).

Robert Gentry has been collecting all his life, and much of his effort shows up here. Among his interesting pursuits through his life, he was the last PR man for Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long and he founded the Rebel State Commemorative Area. Currently, in addition to being involved with the museum and pawn shop which shares quarters with it, he owns The Sabine Index newspaper and Sweet Dreams Publishing Company and has just co-authored a book on area history Quinton Brandon, the Marshall Who Tamed Zwolle.

Be sure to see the two white bats that scientists say could never mate!