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K-C Drugs features an old fashion soda fountain, serving malts, shakes, sundaes, sodas, cold drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. This fountain is truly a treasure and you owe it to yourself to step back in time and enjoy one of these wonderful old time treats.

I hadn’t had an old fashioned soda fountain soda for years… many years. My memory recalled how delicious they were… the dark, rich chocolate… the bite of the soda water… the smoothness of the ice cream… But, things are never as good as you remember them. It’s always so disappointing. Still, I just had to try one. It’s very rare to see a soda fountain anymore and I just couldn’t pass the opportunity no matter how much I would be disappointed. The syrup gushed from the pump into the glass… more syrup… then the sparkling water bubbled in… and ice cream. I used the straw to coax the syrup from the inside of the glass into a mix with the sodawater and melting ice cream. Then I took that first sip… It was even better than the memory!

If you’re anywhere around Toledo Bend Lake, scoot into the town square of Hemphill, Texas and find K-C Drugs and visit their old-fashioned soda fountain and treat yourself to a memory – or if you’re not old enough to remember this kind of soda – make a memory for yourself! They’re open Monday – Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday. They have a great lunch, too!

K-C Drugs
On-The-Square – Hemphill, Tx 75948

Lunch time means a variety of delicious sandwiches are available, including subs, clubs, tuna salad, chicken salad, ham and cheese, turkey, roast beef, pimento cheese, etc., and you can get a salad to go with it.

Other products, include, but are not limited to: Merle Norman Cosmetics; gift items; watches; colognes; jewelry; etc., stop by and browse.

Some of the other services offered are a copier, fax machine, UPS drop site, and while you are there you can get that watch battery replaced. K-C Drugs has pharmacy service available at their second location on Highway 83, near the hospital.

Various collectibles are on display such as bottle and tin collections.

The building was erected in the early 1900’s (information provided by Cecil McDaniel). The present owners purchased the building in 1970, from Tom Parker.

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