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Water level on 05/24 at 05:00 PM CST
172.08 ft 0.08
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TodayMay 24, 2024
Toledo Bend
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Some will remember these clubs – other will have heard of them… but they are no more

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The Harbor Yacht Club…
…then… The Border Crossing

Part of Pendleton Harbor Marina. The bar and attached restaurant was once a great place for good drinks and excellent food.

The Galley Club
…a.k.a. “The Bloody Bucket”

After operating for many, many years, the building was removed. It was where the Six Mile Marina is currently.

Palo Gaucho Club
… formerly at Harborlight Marina

Though Harborlight remains open, the bar is history.

Wigglers Night Club

Was closed and finally sold – becoming Budderbeans Restaurant. Budderbeans had a massive fire and closed down.

Long story here…
The 8 Ball

For many years a really good bar on Highway 1215.

Bedrock On The Bend 
…Formerly the 8 Ball

Big Ron’s Speak EZ 
… Formerly Bedrock…

…and now, Kapri Bar & Dance… Pictures are of Big Ron’s