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Churches of Sabine County, Texas

Assembly of God     Baptist     Catholic      Church of Christ     Church of God     Full Gospel      Methodist     Nazarene     Non-Denominational      Pentecostal     Seventh Day Adventist

Under each church picture is the GPS position for the location of the church. Use a map with GPS coordinates to find its exact location. CLICK HERE to see more pictures of Sabine County Churches – including enlargements.

Assembly of God

Bethel Fellowship Assembly of God

31.21.656N – 393.50.125W

Pastor: John Standridge

Lighthouse Assembly of God

Pastor: Royce Combs

Pineland Assembly of God

31.14.756N – 93.58.514W
Pastor: Daniel L. Carpenter


Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

31.24.194N – 93.55.735W
Pastor: Tommy Pugh
Address: -Gravelhill

Bethany Baptist Church

31.26.039N – 93.50.752W
Pastor: Robert Shaddock
Sunday School: 9:45 a.m.
Sun. Morning Service: 11:00 a.m.
Sun. Evening Service: 6:00 p.m.
We. Prayer Meeting: 6:00 p.m.

Bethany Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor: Milton Poindexter
Plainview Community on Hwy 2024 – 4.5 miles South from intersection of Hwy 2024 & Hwy 184
Hemphill, Texas 75930
(409) 584-3327

Bethel Chapel Baptist Church

31.15.557N – 93.59.284W
Pastor: Joe Ebarb

Bragg Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

31.31.102N – 93.46.461W
Pastor: Wade Bryan

Brookeland Missionary Baptist Church

31.08.952N – 93.59.147W
Pastor: Buddy Pratt

Camp Ground Baptist Church

Pastor: Rusty Hammett

Camp Springs Baptist Church

Pastor: Bob Gwin

Cedar Grove Baptist Church

31.29.175N – 93.48.068W
Pastor: Curtis Archie
Sunday School 10:00 A.M.
Worship Service 11:30 AM
Prayer Meeting and Bible Study Wednesday at 6:00 PM
Church Phone: (409)625-4701
Route 1 Box 1650
Hemphill, TX 75948

Centerview Missionary Baptist Church

31.17.866N – 94.00.528W
Pastor: T.A. Lane

East Mayfield Missionary Baptist Church

31.20.602N – 93.51.622W
Pastor: Eddie Ballard

Fairdale Baptist Church

31.12.616N – 93.39.975W
Pastor: Forest L. “Bo” Owens
4820 Fairdale Road
Hemphill, TX 75948
Phone: (409) 579-3388

First Baptist Church

31.20.528N – 93.50.889W
Pastor: Aaron Pardue

First Baptist Church

31.20.632N – 94.00.590W
Pastor: No Pastor at present

First Baptist Church

31.09.192N – 93.59.594W
Pastor: Linnie Broyles
Address: Brookeland

First Baptist Church

31.14.957N – 93.59.004W
Pastor: Gordon Knight

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

31.13.150N – 93.45.552W
Pastor: Micheal Dickerson
Highway 87 South
P. O. Box 908
Hemphill, TX 75948
(409) 625-0844
Services: Sun. 11:00 AM; Tues. 7:00 PM

Geneva Baptist Church

31.28.951N – 93.54.998W
Pastor: James Bonner

Goodwill Baptist Church

31.14.622N – 93.58.418W
Pastor: Bobby Lee Hudson

Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church

31.32.429N – 93.51.543W
Pastor: H.E. Johnson

Hemphill Missionary Baptist Church

31.20.377N – 93.50.951W
Pastor: Wesley L. Pate

Knox Chapel Baptist Church

Pastor: Cecil Clark

Lakeview Baptist Church

Pastor: Gary Godwin

Macedonia Baptist Church

31.15.556N – 93.49.519W
Pastor: Joe Gilbert

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

31.21.175N – 93.49.736W
Pastor: Joe Lord

Mt. Horeb Baptist Church

31.28.371N – 93.58.392W

New Hope Baptist Church

31.21.838N – 93.50.777W
Pastor: Richard Martinez

Oak Hill Baptist Church

31.16.438N – 93.43.289W
Pastor: Brett Jay

Rosevine Missionary Baptist Church

31.25.284N – 93.59.170W
Pastor: Cliff Durham
Texas FM 1 North
P. O. Box 364
Bronson, TX 75930
(936) 275-5178 – Church
(936) 275-3923 – Pastor
Sun. Sch. 10:00 AM
Sun. Worship 11:00 AM
Sun. Eve. 6:00 PM
Wed. 6:30 PM

Sandy Creek Missionary Baptist Church

31.19.621N – 94.01.046W
Pastor: Don Hoffmann

Six Mile Baptist Church

31.14.955N – 93.46.438W
Pastor: Eddye Sunday
8 miles south of Hemphill on State Rt 87
Phone 409-579-3190
Sunday School 9:45AM
Sunday Worship 11:00AM
Sunday Night 6:00PM
Wednesday Night 6:00PM


St. Pius I Catholic Church

31.20.662N – 93.51.311W
Priest: Father Basil Horn

Church of Christ

Brookeland Church of Christ

31.09.389N – 93.59.707W
Minister: H. E. (Eddie) Johnston

Fairdale Church of Christ

Minister: Will Smith, Sr.

Hemphill Church of Christ

31.20.546N – 93.51.106W

Pineland Church of Christ

31.15.423N – 93.58.209W
Minister: Bill Jeter

Thomas Johnson Church of Christ

31.21.060N – 93.48.843W

Church of God

Brookeland Church of the Living God

31.07.568N – 93.58.796W
Pastor: Charles Ray Johnson

Hemphill Church of God

31.20.199N – 93.50.877W
Pastor: Vance R. Purtell Sr.

Pineland Church of God

Pastor: Clarence G. Campbell

Rosevine Church of God

31.25.168N – 93.58.549W
Pastor: Floyd Wright

Strickland Chapel Church of God

Pastor: Tommy Long

Full Gospel

Kincel Chapel Church

31.03.370N – 93.55.116W
Pastor: Ivy Lowe

Praise’n Worship Full Gospel Church

See: Community Fellowship Interdenominational Church


BB Tabernacle

Pastor: Curtis Zeigler

Bronson United Methodist Church

31.20.733N – 94.00.451W
Pastor: Carl Lundberg
Pam Lundberg – Lay Minister
Phone: (936) 854-3007
Sunday Worship 9:30 AMWebsite:


Brookeland United Methodist Church

31.09.300N – 93.59.691W
Pastor: Carl Lundberg
Pam Lundberg – Lay Minister
Phone: (936) 854-3007
Sunday Worship 9:30 AMWebsite:

Centerview Methodist Church

Pastor: John Mckee

First United Methodist Church-Hemphill

31.20.740N – 93.50.849W
Pastor: Rev. Karen Jones (409) 787-2183


Free Methodist Church

31.19.242N – 93.50.788W
Pastor: Wayne Mote

Geneva United Methodist Church

31.28.899N – 93.54.969W
Pastor: Ben Hancock
Phone: (936) 275-1585

Liberty Springs United Methodist Church

31.30.838N – 93.49.702W
Pastor: Carl Lundberg
Pam Lundberg – Lay Minister
Sunday Worship 9:30 AMWebsite:

McMahan’s Chapel Methodist Church

31.27.351N – 93.57.916W
Pastor: Bill Lanigan
Phone: (936) 288-0477Also See: McMahan’s Chapel

Milam Chapel United Methodist Church

31.25.358N – 93.50.238W
Pastor: Ron Young

New Zion United Methodist

31.27.930N – 93.55.955W
Pastor: Ron Young

Pine Grove United Methodist Church

Pastor: Ron Young

Pineland First United Methodist Church

31.14.736N – 93.58.492W
Pastor: Carl Lundberg
Pam Lundberg – Lay MinisterWebsite:


Sabinetown Church of the Nazarene

Pastors: Jim and Georgie Bozeman


Bronson Revival Center

31.20.508N – 94.00.445W
Pastor: Pat Jacks

Brookeland Faith Tabernacle

31.07.607N – 93.59.418W

Centerview Community Church

31.17.866N – 94.00.528W

Chapel In The Pines

31.22.250N – 93.43.714W

Community Fellowship Interdenominational Church

31.12.999N – 93.40.716W
Pastor: BT & Trilby Skelton
Highway FM 3315
Fairmount, TX
Phone: (409) 579-2632 / 579-2717
Sunday Services: 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 PM

Hemphill Christian Center

Pastor: Jeff Parks

Plainview Community Church

31.18.892N – 93.58.134W
Pastor: Mike Warner

Sabine Christian Fellowship

Pastor: B. T. Skelton

Centerview Community Church

Pastor: Robert (Dale) Gilcrease
Centerview Community
P.O. Box 1123
Hemphill, TX 75948


Brookeland Pentecostal Church

Pastor: George A. Jeffcoat

First Pentecostal Church Hemphill

31.20.864N – 93.51.373W
Pastor: Billy R. Hennigan

Pineland United Pentecostal Church

31.14.549N – 93.58.544W
Pastor: Thomas G. Bishop

Pine Park United Pentecostal Church

Pastor: Glenn D. Morton

Rosevine United Pentecostal Church

31.25.315N – 93.58.741W
Pastor: Charles R. Stephens

Seventh Day Adventist

Hemphill Church

District Pastor: Jim Graves