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Toledo-Bend.Com   Web Site Credits…

These are the credits for the “early” Toledo-Bend.Com
While we still wish to make these acknowledgements,
because none of this would be here without “the beginning”,
The site has expanded greatly since these early days.

Created and maintained by…

Frank Dutton

Space for this web site provided by…

Fred Software, Hemphill, Tx

Much content, motivation, proofreading,
and encouragement provided by…

Janna Lehman

Much of the content for this web site has come from the following…

The Sabine County Reporter
Hemphill, Tx

Newton County Chamber of Commerce

Shelby County Chamber of Commerce
U.S.D.A. Forest Service publications
Louisiana Tourism web sites
State of Louisiana
Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism
Office of State Parks
Sabine River Authority – Texas
Sabine River Authority – Louisiana
Robert Cecil McDaniel’s books
on Sabine County, Tx history
Linda Mauer
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