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Update 7/8/2010:

Unfortunately, this trail isn’t quite what it used to be. The road back is now a logging road – understandable since this is Boise-Cascade land. The logging truck drivers are extremely courteous – when they see a vehicle approaching they stop at a wide spot and wait for the vehicle to pass. That is a good thing because this is a very narrow road! The trail and signage is still there, but it hasn’t been maintained very well – if at all. Trees are in front of the signs and in front of the lookout platform. While a little overgrown in spots, the trail is still usable – for as far as I went. It appears the trail has been intentionally blocked off before going very far. It’s sad to see a nice trail like this lost… but, at this point in time it just isn’t worth the taxing drive back to it to get to it. The 3 pictures immediately below are from July 8, 2010.

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The Stoker Hills Hiking Trail, located East of Many, was developed by the Many Boy Scouts, Troop 80 on acreage made available by Boise Cascade. The trail, two miles in length, winds through wooded forest land, up and down well-kept trails with resting benches at vantage points, past a waterfall, and over a foot bridge. Hikers can enjoy the woodsy scenery and crisp air as they spot trees that have been identified by conservationists. A lookout deck at the beginning of the trail allows you to see for miles and enjoy the beauty of the rolling hills of Sabine Parish.
The well marked trails make it easy to find your way and enjoy the natural beauty of this area even with leaves covering the trail in mid-December, as when these pictures were taken.


To find Stoker Hills, begin at the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 171 in Many, Louisiana. Go East on Highway 6 for 8 miles. The road into the hiking trail is on the right and is marked with signs, but you must be on the lookout for them. Turning off Highway 6 you will follow a one lane, well kept, dirt and rock road a distance of 3.1 miles to the beginning of the trail. There is a parking area and an observation deck here at the beginning / end of the trail.