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Santa Fe Railroad depot, Pineland, Tx – circa 1920

Pineland was founded around 1903 as a sawmill town, and from that time until the present, lumbering and allied timber products have been its principal industry. It is located on the Timber Rock Railroad (formerly Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad) about twelve miles southwest of Hemphill, and it is the second largest town in Sabine County.

Pineland has been the home of the Pineland Operations of Temple-Inland, Inc. (formerly Temple Lumber Company) since around 1910.

The first United States Post Office was established in the city on November 26, 1904, with John D. Cooper as the first postmaster. Pineland is also the home of the West Sabine Independent School District schools, the successor of the Pineland Independent School District which was established September 10, 1917.

Temple Lumber Company sawmill, circa 1910

There is in Pineland a modern public library (Arthur Temple Sr. Memorial Library), and an excellent city park (Katherine Sage Temple Memorial Park), with sports facilities to include a swimming pool and picnic area.

On December 30, 1941, the commissioners court received a petition signed by 58 Pineland residents requesting that an election be held for the purpose of incorporation of the town. (A plat and description of the town limits is contained in pages 558 to 564 of Volume N, Minutes of the Commissioners Court Meetings, on file in the county clerk’s office.) The petition was granted and an election was held on January 11, 1942. Fifty voted for incorporation with none voting against. Then an election was held to select the first city governing body. They were:


  • E. G. Prud’ homme :  mayor
  • G. W. Alford : city marshal
  • H. H. Newton : alderman
  • R. S. Rasbury : alderman
  • J. C. Sheffield : alderman
  • Lewis Bell : alderman
  • Pratt Hines : alderman

The town continues today to operate under a mayor-city council form of government. The city also operates the Pineland Municipal Airport located about one mile southwest on US Highway 96.

The old railroad station at Pineland (shown below) also has old logging locomotive engine #20 beside it. Both are located in Katherine Sage Temple Park.


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