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Longleaf Pines Park is a picnic area on Highway 184 just 4.7 miles from Hemphill.

This is a small park and unique in the way it is maintained. Certain areas around picnic tables are maintained with the grass nicely cut. The rest of the park is allowed to grow up a ggod bit and become “weedy” (really, of course, they are wildflowers). Together with the beautiful, tall trees, this makes for a little nature refuge. Lots of wildflowers, many butterflies, and a great spot for bird watchers.


This is an early roadside park developed by the Texas Highway Department – now the Texas Department of Transportation. This 1936 park accommodated motorists attending centennial events that year. Rustic stone picnic fixtures are scattered through the park’s many puine trees. Thje Texas Highway Department launched its roadside park program in 1933 to provide safe places for motorists to relax and eat during their travels. Native stone and plantings were often used to create a natural park atmosphere. Today, hundreds of picnic areas and rest areas dot Texas’ highways, continuing the state’s legacy of safe and convenient roadside parks. In order to preserve its historic character and significance, this picnic area may not fully comply with the 1990 American with Disabilities Act.


From Highways 87/184 in Hemphill,proceed West on Highway 184 for 4.7 miles. At the junction (immediately West of it) of Highway 2024, you will see Longleaf Pines Park.

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