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Weather Forecast

TodayJul 14, 2024
Toledo Bend
Partly cloudy throughout the day with strong storms possible.

NOTE: Launches marked with asterisks** are launches we have a record of from 2006, but do not appear on current SRA Lists. The launch levels at the various launches are those which have been reported by SRA, either Texas or Louisiana, at various points in time. In a very few instances we get information from a specific facility about their own launch depth and use that information.

Holly Park opened a new ramp – good to 157 MSL!

CLOSED LAUNCHES: As of 1/6/2012 (lake level 161.33), Texas SRA reports the launches highlighted in yellow as being closed. Louisiana SRA reports the launches highlighted in Yellow as being closed. The rest of the launches listed are reported as OPEN. The LOUISIANA launches are updated to us regularly by SRA – Louisiana. Last TX Update 2/10/12 – Last LA update: 3/6/2012Speculation: Launches in TX marked in BLUE we speculate are open based on lake level and last reported effective launch depth and the 1/6/12 report of open launches from SRA-TX.
Texas Ramps Organized by Elevation
Boat Ramps
Lowest Usable Level
Holly Park157.00
Alpine Marina157.80
Sam Forse Collins Rec. Site 7158.00
Swede Johnson Rec. Site 1160.00
East Hamilton160.50
Six Mile Bridge161.00
Haley’s Ferry161.00
Huxley Bay Marina161.00
Indian Mounds Camping161.25
Pendleton Harbor161.25
Newell’s Fishing World161.50
Indian Mounds162.00
Fin & Feather162.00
Six Mile Marina162.25
Mid Lake Campground162.70
Logansport City Ramp162.70
Paradise Point162.77
Lowe’s Creek Park163.00
Yellow Dog163.50
Hickory Lane Public Ramp (Newton City)163.61
Carrice Creek163.75
Bill’s Landing163.87
J & L Pleasure Bend **163.87
Willow Oak164.00
Jack’s 944164.00
Best Park165.00
Hillside Inn & RV Park **165.00
English Bay **165.05
Shamrock Shores **165.05
Logansport (Tx Side)165.17
Roger Williams165.17
Bubba Cowser Rec. Site 2165.17
Harvey’s Landing165.17
Frontier Park165.17
Toledo Village Sec. 5 **165.17
Fox’s Lodge166.05
Sportsman’s Marina166.05
Beans VIP166.05+
Shelby Beach166.05+
Super 8 Motel **166.05+
Louisiana Ramps Organized by Elevation
Boat Ramps
Lowest Usable Level
Pirate’s Cove157.00
Circle Drive157.00
Buckeye Landing158.00
Cypress Bend Park (SRA Site 11)158.00
Tranquility Bay158.00
Big Bass Marina159.00
Oakridge (SRA Site 2)159.00
Toledo Bend Resort159.00
Turtle Beach159.50
San Miguel (SRA Site 7-A)160.00
Lanan Landing160.50
Bass Haven Resort160.50
Pleasure Point (SRA Site 15)161.50
Driftwood Motel & Lounge162.00
Sepulvado’s Landing162.00
South Toledo Bend State Park163.00
North Toledo Bend State Park163.00
Lakeview **163.00
Esto Landing163.00
Shadows Landing **163.18
Solan’s Landing **163.18
Logansport (LA side) **163.30
Converse Bay (SRA Site 4)164.00
Sunset Marina164.00
1215 Launch (dead end 1215)165.00
Kite’s Landing165.00
Bridge Bay Resort165.00
Southern Leisure165.50
Griffin’s Lodge165.50
Blue Lake Launch165.50
Jolly Roger’s Marina166.50
Wildwood Lodge166.50
Pendleton Bridge Marina168.00
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