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Nethery Hardware

In 1880 C. A. Nethery, “Uncle Charlie” opened this store as a general merchantile. He sold everything from patent medicines to caskets and often financed the seed and supplies for the local farmers. While “Uncle Charlie” sold chewing tobacco, he didn’t sell cigarettes or cigars; the story goes that a salesman was in the store once and get a fire started with a cigarette and thereafter Uncle Charlie wouldn’t sell them.

The Nethery store, now called Nethery’s Antiques, is the oldest continuously run business in Sabine County.

The building currently on Highway 21 in Milam is as it was rebuilt in 1917 after a fire destroyed the original store in 1916.

Today, C. A. Nethery Hardware is owned by Susan Mills Nethery, Ellen Beall Melton, and Laura Greer Tichnell and is kept open largely because of its historical value to the county. After Uncle Charlie passed on in 1942, the store went to C. A. Nethery, Jr. – better known locally as “Buddy”. In 1996 the store was passed on to Gene Nethery.

When you pass the old stove pictured here, you can almost hear the mumbled whisperings of the countless stories and tall tales that must have passed around it on many a winter’s evening of the past.

And if you still have that old mule powered plow and are getting ready to turn your field, you can still find plow points and parts here.

Today, Nethery Hardware carries antiques, hardware and home items, and has quite a few relics for you to browse through.

C. A. Nethery Hardware
Texas Highway 21
Milam, Tx 75959

A monthly outdoor flea market is held each 3rd Saturday of the month between the store and old warehouse, which once held feed and caskets. Both sellers and buyers enjoy the setting which is perfect for trading and visiting.

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