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Nightclubs Around Toledo Bend Lake

General Information


Louisiana: 1:00 AM nightly
Texas: Midnight – except Saturday 2:00 AM


All of the clubs are VERY informal – go comfortable. At Cypress Bend, you would not be out of place in a tie and jacket, but nice jeans and shirt is also acceptable.


There are very few night clubs around Toledo Bend Reservoir. Newton, Shelby and Sabine Counties, on the Texas side, are dry counties. This doesn’t mean there are no bars; it means that there are only “private clubs” where alcoholic beverages are served. One must join a club or be a guest of a member to have a drink there. Typically, there are temporary memberships, if you plan to be there only a night or two and annual memberships, if you plan to be a guest from time to time over a more extended period. Memberships generally run from $3. to $15., , for a year, depending on the club – often memberships are free. Membership is quick and easy; if you are young enough, valid ID showing your age over 21 will be required; a simple form listing your name and address and payment of the membership fee is the only other requirement for membership. Sabine Parish, in Louisiana, is not dry, but parts of the parish are and, therefore, there are a limited number of establishments on the Louisiana side of the lake, too. Louisiana does not have a “private club” setup and, therefore, there are no membership fees for establishments on that side of the lake.

The map at the bottom shows the locations of all of the lounges (listed here) around the lake. The night clubs listed serve beer as well as liquor. There are a couple of spots that serve beer only, but the Webmaster can not recommend them; therefore, they are not listed here. The Webmaster has personally visited all of the bars listed here (some quite frequently!) and taken the pictures. NOTE: Drink prices, features, and days and hours of operations are subject to change from those listed here.

Area Nightclubs

1 – The Border – Zwolle, La
2 – Cypress Bend – off Hwy 191 – La
3 – Bar Cheers – West of Pendleton Bridge – Tx
4 – Fin & Feather Social Club – Six Mile, TX
1215-A – Kapri Bar & Dance – Hwy 1215 – La
1215-B – Horseshoe Saloon – Hwy 1215 – La
1215-C – The Blue Room – Hwy 1215 – La
1215-D – Firehouse – Hwy 1215 – La
1215-E – Driftwood Lounge – Highway 1215 – La

Other Bars

You may have heard of them, but they’re history – but you can still check them out here!

For more information – look under NIGHTCLUBS 
in the Lake Area Directory of Businesses & Services 
Some of these night clubs have web pages there

Maps Showing Area Night Clubs
Map to Hwy 1215 area
Detail Map of 1215 Area
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