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There are many hiking trails in Hodges Gardens State Park. Arguably the best in the Springtime, late March and early April, is the Wild Azalea Trail.

You’ll enjoy Flowering Dogwood and the beautiful Fringetrees. But, of course, the trail draws its name from the wild azaleas that blossom there. Most of the azaleas are variations of the Hoary Azalea (also known as the Mountain Azalea, Piedmont Azalea, and Bush Honeysuckle) but there are also a few Orange Azaleas – coming into bloom just after the Hoary Azaleas, so they are both in full bloom at the same time.


This section, as with much of the park, is on a relatively steep hillside – but stone stairways and good trails make it a pleasant hike.

As you walk the trail you’ll enjoy the flowers along the trail as well as a level above and below you.

Orange Azaleas (above) and Flowering Dogwood (below)
 Hoary Azaleas (above) and Fringetrees (left & below)

For more pictures… Azaleas – Flowering Dogwood & Fringetree see Toledo Bend Gallery