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TodayJun 23, 2024
Toledo Bend
Clear conditions throughout the day.

Many Christmas Events

Lighting of Christmas lights for the town typically takes place on the 1st Friday evening of December.

The Sabine Parish Players usually do a Christmas theme play at the Sabine Theatre during the 1st weekend of December – typically on a Saturday afternoon.

The town of Many has one of the biggest and best Christmas Parades in the area. Typically, it is held on the 2nd Saturday of December. Usually the prarde starts around 3:00 PM.

Typically, following the Christmas Parade there is a Christmas theme movie at the Sabine Theatre and Santa is at the Fairgrounds. Usually, a fireworks display lights up the night sky at the Fairgrounds and there are various food vendors.

Check the area Calendar of Events for more specifics

Pictures from 2003 Parade

~ Click any image for enlargement ~

All photos by Frank Dutton – Toledo-Bend.Com

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