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Re-enactment of a Civil War rebel victory. Held each April in Pleasant Hill, La. Realistic re-enactments of battles, field medical services and a war-time marriage ceremony are among events held. Has over 700 re-enactors and attracts between 5,000 and 10,000 visitors each year.

The annual Battle of Pleasant Hill re-enactment recreates the largest Civil War engagement that occured West of the Mississippi River. 25,000 Union soldiers went head-to-head with 15,000 Confederate soldiers. The Union soldiers were led by Gen. Nathaniel Banks and the Confederate soldiers were led by Gen. Richard Taylor. This re-enactment is the only annual event of its kind that takes place on the actual site of the original conflict.

Mary Beth Tarver (center) pictured with Truman Durr (right) at the Pleasant Hill Tavern on the re-enactment site.

Event Officials

Contact for Information

  • Mary Lee – 318/796-2777
  • Truman Durr – Chairman: (318) 796-3478
  • Walter Lee – Vice Chairman: (318) 796-2202
  • Mary Lee – Secretary: (318) 796-2777
  • Thomas W. Hardee- Treasurer: (318) 796-3697
  • Scott Solice – Re-enactment Coordinator: (318) 458-4867
  • email to Battle of Pleasant Hill: