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Sawmill Town U.S.A. Motorcycle Campground

Sawmill Town USA – CLICK HERE

-Unfortunately, this facility is now closed, but we thought you might like to see what it was like-

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Sawmill Town USA hosted a number of rallies including the East Texas Chopper Guys Motorcycle Rally June, 2001 and June, 2002 as well as the Sawmill Town USA Rallies in October, 2001 and October, 2003. While most of the attendees at such rallies are bikers, members of the general public are welcome and would feel right at home enjoying the various activities.

some of the Gate Crews
Also on the square was food, music, arts & crafts, and other vendors and townfolk to make it a festive occasion.
Nearby Newton, Texas (2 miles away) welcomed bikers with many area facilities participating as stops in the Poker Run. The awards were presented on the Courthouse Square.
A number of vendors at the rally offered leather goods, food, drinks, jewelry, t-shirts, flags, pictures, and other goods to rally visitors.
G&N Scooter Shack brought the “best biker grub on wheels” – and they do catering. (281) 385-1094
Will and Paul, of Blowin’ -N- Goin’ Glassworx of Tyler, Texas, worked their glass blowing magic making creations for the visitors to the rally.
Blowin’ -N- Goin’ Glassworx
1316 S. Vine Ave.
Tyler, TX 75701
Joe “the brush” Merrill
P. O. Box 621
Elkhart, Tx 75839
(903) 723-1739
Signs – Pinstriping – Motorcycle Custom Paint – Truck Lettering – Murals
Crazy Lady Special T’s
Screen printing & imprinting – custom work

Sons of Thunder band
Some girls sign up for the door prizes from Big Dog 103’s Live Remote
A swim cools off a hot afternoonCampers have plenty of room to spread out
Run For Cover band

Competitive Events

Hundreds of bikes – and many were in the “beauty contest” bike show – among them PJ’s red, white and blue shown below

Poker Run

Objective: Leave from Old Sawmill Town grounds and follow a route stopping at designated places to draw a card at each stop. Upon return to grounds, select best 5 cards to form a poker hand. Best hand wins event.

Slow Race

Objective: to go from starting point to finish at the slowest pace without putting a foot down. Wheels cannot stop for more than 3 seconds. Last bike across line wins.

Engine Toss

Objective: Contestant tosses motorcycle engine for maximum distance. Some of the ladies even tried the Engine Toss

Barrel Race

Objective: Contestant goes around 3 barrels in a cloverleaf pattern, crossing over his path around each barrel for the minimum time. 5 second penalty for each barrel knocked over.

Board Ride

Objective: Contestant attempts to ride the length of boards laid on the ground. Score based on time both wheels are on the board. In the event of a tie, contestant with slowest time on boards wins.

Ladies’ Carb Toss

Objective: Ladies throw carburetors for accuracy. Great form and a good toss about to hit the mark!

Ball and Cone

Objective: Rider weaves in and out of traffic cones picking up balls from cones, then returns to replace balls on cones.

Drunk Race

Objective: Two contestants park their motorcycles 50 feet from 2 traffic cones. At the command GO they run from their motorcycles to their cone, place both hands on the cone, place their forehead on their hands, circle the cone 3 times, then run back to their motorcycle and crank it. First person to crank motorcycle wins.

Keg Push

Objective: Contestants line their motorcycle behind a barrel at one end of the arena and push it, with the front wheel of their motorcycle, to the other end of the arena.

Weenie Bite

Objective: The rider goes under a suspended weenie and the passenger bites as much weenie as she can. Passenger uses no hands and rider may not put foot down.

Potato Push

Objective: The contestants circle a stack of hay on their motorcycles until the signal to stop. They dismount and search for a potato hidden in the hay. Like musical chairs, there is one less potato than the number of contestants.

All photos by Frank Dutton – Toledo-Bend.Com

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