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TodayJul 14, 2024
Toledo Bend
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In our modern, manufactured, wear-dated world, genuine artisans who apply the master’s touch, time, and expertise to quality handmade items in the old and fine traditions of the past have virtually vanished. But Ronald Crow is one of these surviving craftsmen whose shop graces the town square of Hemphill, Texas.

The shop itself will fascinate you with its collection of old, new, and restored items. If you’re thinking of breaking a colt, you may want a horsehair lariat – and you can find one here!

But Ye Olde Leather Boot’s stock-in-trade are the custom boots Ronald Crow makes. The picture below shows some of the boots recently completed and some spurs to go along with them!

Ye Olde Leather Boot carries beautiful sterling silver jewelry, a selection of candles and many other interesting things. Anyone need a horsehair lariat?

Seeing the old machines in the work area is well worth the trip in, and visiting with the owners is always fun.

Ron restores old saddles, too. And if you need a sheath for that special knife, or a holster – this is the place to have a fine one handmade just for you.

Aside from running the shop with her husband, Vickie Crow is a charming and knowledgeable hostess who welcomes visitors to come in and browse, ask questions, see some of the old shoemaking equipment – and even have ordinary shoes repaired.

While you are in the Toledo Bend area, don’t pass the opportunity to see this shop on Hemphill’s town square.

Ye Olde Leather Boot
Hemphill, Texas 75948

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