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Toledo Bend Lake Area Birding Checklist

The birds you could expect to see in the Toledo Bend Lake Area
with links to photos of the birds on the Toledo-Bend.US website

~Click on any image for an enlargement~

The column “List” refers to birds that have been seen (1, 2) or photographed (3) and placed on lists kept by: 

  1. Toledo-Bend.Com / Toledo-Bend.US –

This list is available as a PDF document file – though it may not necessarily be as current as this list – depending upon recent additions made to this list in the form of links to pictures or updates to birds seen and recorded on the birding lists mentioned. To download the Adobe PDF file (which is a lot better for printing, if you wish your own copy of a checklist to work with) – CLICK HERE – this is a 386 KB file.

While we have painstakingly attempted to be very accurate with the identification of the bird photographs on the Toledo-Bend.US website, there is some probability that a few errors have been made because we are not naturalists or experts and are working only from photographs.

We have not tried to list the many additional birds that traverse the area during their migrations… there are far too many for that.

Columns: W = Winters here  –  B = Breeds here  –  Y = Year round  –  X = Yes  – * = Close to range
Comments: Family name or months expected to be seen here

List: Appears on list of birds seen from  Pictures on

NOTE: Some birds in the list have links to the pages on the Toledo-Bend.US website where the pictures may be viewed.

Toledo Bend Gallery – Nature Shots from the Toledo Bend Lake area
Ducks – Geese – SwansAnatidae
*Black-bellied Whistling-duckMar – May
*Fulvous Whistling-duckFeb – May
3XGreater White-fronted GooseNov – Feb
1XSnow GooseNov – Feb
XRoss’s GooseOct – Feb
1, 3XCanada GooseNov – Feb
XCackling GooseNov – Feb
1, 2, 3XXWood DuckJan – Apr
3XAmerican WidgeonNov – Feb
XGadwallNov – Mar
1, 2, 3XMallard
XMottled Duck
XBlue-winged TealOct – Feb
XGreen Winged TealNov – Feb
3XNorthern ShovelerOct – Mar
1XNorthern PintailOct – Jan
1, 3XCanvasbackDec – Jan
XRedheadNov – Jan
2, 3XRing-necked DuckNov – Jan
XGreater ScaupNov – Feb
1, 3XLesser ScaupNov – Jan
1XBuffleheadNov – Feb
*Common GoldeneyeDec – Feb
XHooded MerganserDec – Jan
XRed Breasted MerganserDec – Feb
XRuddy DuckNov – Jan
3Swan Goose
XWild Turkey
New World QuailOdontophoridae
1, 2XNorthern Bobwhite
3XCommon Loon
3XPied-billed Grebe
XEared GrebeNov – Mar
XHorned GrebeNov – Mar
1, 2, 3XAmerican White PelicanNov – Mar
1*Brown Pelican
*Sandhill CraneNov – Feb
*Neotropic Cormorant
1, 2, 3XDouble-crested Cormorant
Bitterns, Herons and AlliesArdeidae
2XLeast BitternApr – Sep
XAmerican Bittern
1, 2, 3XGreat Egret
1, 2XGreat Blue Heron
3XXSnowy Egret
3XXLittle Blue Heron
1, 3X*Tricolored Heron
3*Reddish Egret
1, 2, 3XCattle Egret
2, 3XGreen Heron
3XXBlack-crowned Night-heron
1, 3XYellow-crowned Night-heron
Ibises and SpoonbillsThreskiornithidae
*Roseate Spoonbill
3XWhite Ibis
*Glossy Ibis
*White-faced Ibis
New World VulturesCathartidae
2, 3XBlack Vulture
1, 3XTurkey Vulture
Hawks, Kites, Eagles and AlliesAccipitridae
1, 3XXOsprey
1, 2, 3XXXBald EagleNov – Apr
XMississippi KiteMar – Aug
1XSwallow-tailed Kite
XSharp-shinned Hawk
3XRed-shouldered Hawk
3XBroad-winged Hawk
3XRed-tailed Hawk
3XNorthern Harrier
3XCooper’s Hawk
Caracaras and FalconsFalconidae
1XAmerican Kestrel
*Peregrine Falcon
X*Horned Lark
Rails, Gallinules and CootsRallidae
*Yellow RailNov – Apr
XVirginia RailNov – Apr
XKing RailNov – Mar
1, 2XPurple GallinuleOct – Mar
3X*Common Moorhen
1, 3XAmerican Coot
Lapwings and PloversCharadriidae
1, 3XKildeer
*Semipalmated Plover
Stilts and AvocetsRecurvirostridae
2**Black-necked Stilt
Sandpipers, Phalaropes and AlliesScolopacidae
XGreater YellowlegsSep – Mar
XLesser YellowlegsSep – Mar
XSpotted SandpiperSep – Apr
XWestern SandpiperSep – Mar
XLeast SandpiperNov – Mar
XDunlinNov – Apr
XLong-billed DowitcherNov – Feb
XWilson’s SnipeOct – Feb
1XXAmerican Woodcock
Gulls and TernsLaridae
1, 3*Laughing Gull
XBonaparte’s GullNov – Mar
3XRing-billed GullOct – Feb
1,3XHerring GullOct – Feb
*Lesser Black-billed GullOct – Mar
*Caspian Tern
*Least TernMar – Aug
1XXForster’s Tern
Pigeons and DovesColumbidae
3XRock Pigeon
XEurasian Collared-dove
1, 2, 3XMourning Dove
2, 3XInca Dove
Cuckoos and RoadrunnersCuculidae
2XYellow-billed CuckooMay – Sep
1, 3XGreater Roadrunner
Barn OwlsTytonidae
XBarn Owl
Typical OwlsStrigidae
1XEastern Screech-owl
3XGreat Horned Owl
XBarred Owl
XShort-eared Owl
Nighthawks and NightjarsCaprimulgidae
XCommon NighthawkMay – Sep
XChuck-Will’s-WidowMay – Sep
2XChimney SwiftApr – Sep
1, 2, 3XRuby-throated HummingbirdMar – Oct
XRufous HummingbirdOct – Mar
1, 2, 3XBelted Kingfisher
Woodpeckers and AlliesPicidae
1, 3XRed-headed Woodpecker
1, 3XRed-bellied Woodpecker
1, 3XYellow-bellied Sapsucker
3XDowny Woodpecker
3XHairy Woodpecker
XRed-cockaded Woodpecker
1, 2, 3XPileated Woodpecker
3XNorthern Flicker
Tyrant FlycatchersTyrannidae
XEastern Wood-peweeMay – Sep
XAcadian FlycatcherMay – Aug
X*Eastern PhoebeOct – Mar
XGreat Crested FlycatcherApr – Aug
3XEastern KingbirdApr – Sep
3XScissor-tailed FlycatcherApr – Aug
3XSulphur-bellied Flycatcher
XLoggerhead Shrike
XXWhite-eyed Vireo
1, 3XYellow-throated VireoApr – Sep
XBlue-headed VireoOct – Mar
1XRed-eyed VireoApr – Oct
*Warbling VireoMay – Aug
3*Bell’s Vireo
XBrown CreeperOct – Apr
Jays and CrowsCorvidae
1, 2, 3XBlue Jay
1, 2, 3XAmerican Crow
3XFish Crow
1XPurple MartinFeb – Oct
*Tree SwallowOct – Feb
3XCliff SwallowApr – Oct
3XBarn SwallowFeb – Sep
XNorthern Rough-winged SwallowApr – Sep
Chickadees and TitmiceParidae
1, 3XCarolina Chickadee
1, 3XTufted Titmouse
XRed-breasted NuthatchOct – Apr
3XBrown-headed Nuthatch
*White-breasted Nuthatch
3XCarolina Wren
2*Bewick’s Wren
2XHouse WrenOct – Mar
XWinter WrenOct – Mar
XSedge WrenOct – Mar
XMarsh Wren
XGolden-crowned KingletOct – Mar
XRuby-crowned KingletNov – Apr
Old World Warblers and GnatcatchersSylviidae
*XXBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
1, 2, 3XEastern Bluebird
3XHermit ThrushNov  Mar
1XWood ThrushMar – Sep
1, 2, 3XAmerican Robin
Mockingbirds and ThrashersMimidae
3**XGray Catbird
1, 2, 3XNorthern Mockingbird
3XBrown Thrasher
1, 2, 3XEuropean Starling
Wagtails and PipitsMotacillidae
XSprague’s Pipit
XAmerican Pipit
1, 2, 3XCedar Waxwing
1, 2, 3XSummer TanagerMay – Sep
XOrange-crowned WarblerNov – Mar
XNorthern ParulaApr – Aug
3XYellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon & Myrtle)Nov – Mar
3XYellow-throated WarblerApr – Aug
3XPine Warbler
XPrairie WarblerApr – Sep
*Palm WarblerNov – Mar
XBlack-and-white WarblerMar – July
XAmerican RedstartApr – Aug
XProthonotary WarblerApr – Aug
XWorm-eating WarblerApr – Aug
XSwainson’s WarblerMay – Sep
XLouisiana WaterthrushApr – July
XKentucky WarblerApr – July
XCommon Yellowthroat
XHooded WarblerApr – Aug
XYellow-breasted ChatMay – Aug
3XBay-breasted Warblermigrates through
XXEastern Towhee
XBachman’s Sparrow
1, 3XChipping Sparrow
XField Sparrow
XVesper SparrowNov – Mar
***Lark Sparrow
3XSavannah SparrowNov – Mar
XGrasshopper Sparrow
XLeConte’s SparrowNov – Apr
XHenslow’s Sparrow
XFox SparrowNov – Feb
XLincoln’s SparrowNov – Mar
XSong SparrowNov – Feb
XSwamp SparrowDec – Mar
3XWhite-throated SparrowNov – Mar
XWhite-crowned SparrowNov – Mar
3XDark-eyed JuncoOct – Mar
XLapland LongspurDec – Feb
Cardinals, Saltators, and AlliesCardinalidae
1, 2, 3XNorthern Cardinal
1, 2, 3XBlue GrosbeckMay – Aug
1XIndigo BuntingMay – Sep
2XPainted BuntingMay – Sep
XDickcisselMay – Sep
3XRed-winged Blackbird
XEastern Meadowlark
XRusty BlackbirdDec – Feb
1XBrewer’s Blackbird
1XCommon Grackle
3XGreat-tailed Grackle
2, 3XBrown-headed Cowbird
1XOrchard OrioleApr – July
XBaltimore OrioleApr – July
Fringilline and Cardueline FinchesFringillidae
3XHouse Finch
XPurple Finch
1, 2, 3XAmerican Goldfinch
1, 3XPine Siskin
Old World SparrowsPasseridae
XHouse Sparrow
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