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Pirates Cove Restaurant

– Unfortunately, Pirates Cove Restaurant burned down and is now a part of history…

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Attached to the store at Pirates Cove Marina, the restaurant had very good food – but the real feature was the atmosphere that transported you to another place and time.

The walls were adorned throughout with murals to take you to that special world beneath the sea of a true pirates’ cove. Kitsch as an artform! Yes, there were the big fishing nets hanging up and the huge marine ropes strung about in places, too. Nothing was fancy, but it all fit and was a real treat in a world where you just never see anything like this. I hope you will enjoy these pictures that provide a little taste of what the real thing looked like.

Sign Above Rest Room Entrance: Here’s to tall ships and women of the land. May the first be square rigged and the second well manned.