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Fright Night – Black Light Halloween Party

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We take YOU to Fright Night – a private by-invitation-only Halloween black-light costume party held annually…

Fright Night is a super Halloween Party held near Toledo Bend Lake. Aside from being, arguably, the largest party held annually in the area, it is the most extravagantly decorated one. The scene is lit with black light and many of the partygoers wear costumes that take advantage of the vivid colors produced in the black light.


Party Scenes shown in white and black light

Fright Night started in 2003. We are presenting selected photos from 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2010. At the left are some selected scenes as they look in white light and the same scene (below) in black light – as they look at the party. Costumes range from simple to the extravagant. Some people come as a group with a common theme among their costumes – for example, a team did Wizard Of Oz with various team members representing the characters.


Decorating begins about 2 weeks ahead of the party. Quite a number of volunteers work on getting things set up. It is surprising how many skills are necessary – electricians and carpenters predominate. Naturally, there is plenty of painting and artwork to do, too. Every year the party gets a little bigger and spreads out more and has ever more decor and setup work to do. Every year there is a ring of familiarity – still the decor setup is always different and there is always something new.



Every year new decorations are added and some are quite expensive. Some are rotated in and out of use from year to year to keep things looking different every time. The guests each pay an admission to the party and the proceeds go to cover the expense of decorations and for some very nice prizes for the best costumes. Currently, prices are awarded in 3 different classifications and include 1st through 3rd place winners in each.


All photographs and Virtual Reality Scenes by Frank Dutton

PLEASE… Do not contact the webmaster about dates, times, locations, or invitations to this party. This is a private party, by invitation only, and you must be invited by someone already on the list or added to the invitation list.
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