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toledo bend express realty
Water level on 04/24 at 01:00 AM CST
172.19 ft 0.19
Water level for the last 30 days

Weather Forecast

TodayApr 24, 2024
Toledo Bend
Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Web / Computer Color Chart for the Color Blind

Basic Greens

00FF000,255,01Lime Green – very bright!
0099000,153,02Medium Green
33663351,102,513Dark Green
00CC330,204,514Light bright green
0080000,128,05Green – true green
33990051,153,06Grass green – slightly yellow
0080800,128,1288Teal / Dark blue-green
99CC99153,204,15310Light olive green / Sea Green
66FF99102,255,15311Light dull green
66FF66102,255,10212Light grass green

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