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360° VR (Virtual Reality) Panorama Photography

Often used by real estate agencies for Virtual Tours, an image is produced and displayed in a special viewer that allows one to use the mouse to zoom in and out and “look” around, up , down at the scene – 360 degrees horizontally and just less then 360 degrees vertically. A series of photographs are taken and “stitched” together to form a scene just as you would see if you stood in one spot and turned around to see everything around you.

3D Image Photography

An item is photographed many times from all angles around its perimeter. The photos are then combined through special software to create a single “movie” type image that can be spun around to view all sides of the object. This is similar to Panoramic Photography – except rather than looking outward to the panorama

Equipment Used

I currently use a Canon EOS 30D digital SLR camera for all photography. Depennding on the situation, I use any of a number of different lenses from fisheye and extreme wide-angle to telephoto lenses. For the VR Panorama shots an 8mm fisheye lens is typically used so the viewer is able to rotate the finished image to see from floor to ceiling and 360 degrees around. Additionally, a special head is used on the tripod when shooting to correct for parralax and produce better photographs.


3D Images: Since these are very individualized, pricing depends completely upon what is being photographed… from a small item shot indoors on a rotating pedestal to larger outdoor items (such as a fountain/garden or a motor vehicle).

VR Panoramas: Pricing varies a bit on these depending upon the type of client.

  • For Real Estate Agencies: Agencies that expect to do repeat business are charged $100. for 3 pictures; additional pictures at the same property are $25. each. There is a minimum $100. – 3 picture package for any individual property.
  • All Others: The minimum charge is $125. for which you receive 3 pictures; additional pictures are $35, each. Additionally, there is a setup charge to host the pictures on the Internet – typically $25.00.
  • Gas/Travel Surcharge: There is a gas/travel surcharge on all jobs as the pricing above reflects the work only and does not include travel time and expenses. Real Estate agencies typically save most of the travel charges by pairing an agent with the photographer – the agent drives and selects just which shots are made at each property and keeps control of the keys at all times. Pictures for several listings are typically shot in a single day.

Hosting: To display these pictures on a viewer’s web browser requires special software from the Internet server that is hosting the pictures. For this reason, hosting for up to one year is included in the pricing of the pictures.


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