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TodayJul 14, 2024
Toledo Bend
Partly cloudy throughout the day with strong storms possible.

The history of the communities show the general development of the county. It is quite interesting to note that several communities close together began their names with the letter “B.” Belgrade, Biloxi, Bleakwood and Bon Wier, All are near the Sabine River.

Bon Wier was established in 1905 as a station on the Jasper and Eastern Railway in eastern Newton County. Its purpose was to serve Trotti and Lee’s mill. It was named for B.F. Bonner and R.W. Wier, officials of their Lumber Co. Bon Wier has been the site of three logging camps. The first was established in 1918 and operated until 1924; the second, established in 1927, was discontinued in 1929 because of the failing lumber market; the third operated from 1932 to 1935 when all installations were removed.

Bon Wier has continued as a shipping point for ties, poles, logs and other timber products. Sawmills owned by small enterprises have continued to operate.

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