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TodayJul 14, 2024
Toledo Bend
Partly cloudy throughout the day with strong storms possible.

Names of places have many origins. Some are named after the person who first settled; others are named after some event that happened in its history; while others are named after the geographical
features of that area. One example of the latter is that of the community of Laurel. Usually names became established when a post office was established.

The community of Laurel is in the southeast part of the county. It was established by the Sabine Tram Company as a logging camp in 1889 and named for the thicket surrounding the location. In 1893 logging was discontinued and the installation and post office moved seven miles northwest. The post office returned to the original site in 1895; thus, the reference to Old and New Laurel is often heard. Logging operations shifted to Deweyville in 1900.

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